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To keep in touch with us, please send your name to:

"rosada [at] QuantumTango.net"

... with "Valle Rosada" in the subject line, and we will be glad to keep you up-to-date.


"La Valle Rosada" seeks to connect with and amplify the Tango practice, understanding and influence of dancers who can make a difference — with their partners, in their home communities, and throughout the larger world that we all share and create together, both on and off the dance floor.

So that we can get to know you better, kindly send us an email telling us more about you and your Tango.

Please include any information that you think might be relevant, significant or of interest — for example, you might consider some of the questions and categories below to help guide you:


  • Your name, preferred email address, best phone number to use for voice (and/or text) ...
  • Where is your home community (or communities) — How would you describe or characterize the Tango in your home community?
  • Are there others in your community who dance both roles? — Women? ... Men? ... If so, how many? — And how active are they?


  • How did you come to Tango? — What kind of spark, impulse, motivation or catalyst first set you on your Tango journey?
  • How long have you been dancing? — As a follower? ... As a leader?
  • What and/or who are among your primary sources, influences and inspirations in Tango?

Present Practice

  • What form(s) does your current Tango take? — Student, practice partner, social dancer? ... Teacher, mentor, guide? ... Host, organizer, DJ? ... Writer, musician, visual artist? ... Academic, researcher? ... Performer, choreographer? ... Something else?
  • How often do dance socially? — Primarily in one role, or typically in both roles? ... If you also study, host, DJ, teach, or something else:  How often do you pursue, practice or fulfill these other roles?
  • What most inspires, motivates or appeals to you about your Tango today?


  • Where do you see yourself going with (your) Tango? — Are there any plans, goals, questions, projects, challenges or vistas that beckon ahead?
  • What (kind of) changes, shifts or developments do you foresee — or hope to see — in yourself, in Tango ... and why?


  • How has (dancing) Tango changed you? ... And/or:  How has your perception, approach or outlook on Tango evolved over time?
  • What experiences, if any, are (among) your more telling or significant discoveries, surprises, revelations, disappointments, or accomplishments with Tango?
  • What hopes and expectations do you most have for (participating in) a retreat like "La Valle Rosada"?


  • What are you most curious about regarding "La Valle Rosada" ...?
  • How might a retreat like this best serve your needs, goals and interests — as a person, a dancer, an artist, and a member of the wider Tango community?

Guided by your own values, intuition and experience, please choose from among any of the topics and suggestions above, emphasizing those that appeal or speak to you most — and/or share whatever other ideas, background or information that you feel would help us come to know you better ...

Then email your thoughts to us at:

rosada [at] QuantumTango.net

— we will acknowledge your application, share your comments with Brigitta + Deb, and then keep you up-to-date about for "La Valle Rosada" 2017 and how to register.


All email inquiries + applications to "La Valle Rosada" will be shared with Brigitta + Deb.

Together, they will review these submissions, and then select what they feel will be the best mix of dancers to invite to "La Valle Rosada" 2017.

Enrollment for this edition of "La Valle Rosada" is limited to a maximum of twelve (12) participating dancers.

As Brigitta + Deb make their decisions, you will be notified by email — and if invitedyou will be asked to affirm your commitment to join them in Ojai as a participating dancer in the Core Weekend, March 30 - April 2, 2017:

  • As detailed in the "Important Updates" section above, this edition of "La Valle Rosada" will be by donation, and dancers will be able to choose their own schedule and attend Workshops + Events à la carte.

    So that we can better serve all the dancers who may be interested in attending some or all of this Spring's Rosada, participants will be asked at registration to identify which Workshops + Events of the Core Weekend they expect to attend.

  • Because our "by donation" approach for Spring 2017 does not require pre-payment in order to attend, thank you for keeping in mind that space is limited ... so it is important to keep your word.

    If you tell us that you will join us for a particular à la carte Workshop or Event, and then do not, this choice may prevent another interested dancer from attending.

Thank you for honoring the spirit, generosity, openness and community of "La Valle Rosada" by thoughtfully committing only to those Workshops + Events that you will attend.

IMPORTANT:  Note on Housing

  • As you are completing your registration and plans for "La Valle Rosada" 2017, please remember that — in order to help keep costs low and provide dancers with their maximum flexibility for how best to engage the retreat — we do not provide housing for this event.
  • This means that participating dancers will need to make arrangements for and secure their own housing in Ojai during the Core Weekend ... and for any Extended Visit, if they choose to stay on for any (or all) of the optional post-weekend outings and tango activities with Brigitta + Deb.
  • Fortunately, Ojai is a popular tourist destination which offers a wide range of housing possibilities for visitors to the Valley — including hotels, motels, Airbnb's and more.

For more information on Housing Options in Ojai, please visit our Ojai page ...

For more details on Schedule for both the Core Weekend - and - the optional Extended Visit,
please see our Weekend 2017 page ...


Thank you for keeping in mind that, because of the short time frame for this edition of of "La Valle Rosada," and our need to make prior commitments to secure workshop spaces, catering, and to confirm other activities + programming, our ability to offer refunds is limited.

Prior to March 10, 2017:

  • Refunds will be available on payments for the Core Retreat, less a $75 administrative fee ...

As of March 11, 2017 + after:

  • No refunds will be available on payments for the Core Retreat ... although, at our discretion, we may be able to offer partial credit on fees for future editions of "La Valle Rosada."

Double Rainbow off Creek Road, near Deb's House — Ojai Valley, March 2015

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