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Brigitta Winkler

With more than 35 years of background + experience in Tango, the iconic dancer, teacher + innovator Brigitta Winkler is celebrated world-wide for her vast knowledge + unparalleled insight into the form.

Combining this abiding wisdom with her many gifts and a rare + magical persona, it's no wonder that Brigitta is often referred to as "The Fairy Godmother of Tango" ...

More about Brigitta Winker ...

Brigitta with "Mourning Cloak" caterpillars
Ojai's East End, March 2016
— photo by Hans Winkler

Debbie Edwards

A consummate social dancer, Debbie Edwards is also a gifted teacher, musician and bodyworker. Along with her partner Stephen Bauer, she has co-founded and nurtured three continuing Tango communities — in Ojai (2004), nearby Ventura (2009), and Nevada City in northern California (2009).

Deb + Stephen have been improvising together on Tango's social dance floor for more than 18 years, making their partnership one of longest and most enduring on the West Coast.

More about Debbie Edwards ...

Deb with Alicia at "The Equinox" milonga
— Ojai, March 2016

Rosada Staff

For La Valle Rosada, Deb's partner Stephen will serve as the proverbial "man behind the curtain," helping to keep things running smoothly so that Brigitta + Deb can put their very best attention, effort and energies on the Weekend, the participants, and Tango ...

More about Stephen Bauer ...


Stephen + Deb at Caltech Marathon, 2014
— photo by Momo Smitt

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