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In order to help keep costs low and provide participating dancers with maximum flexibility for how best to engage "La Valle Rosada," we do not provide housing for either the Core Weekend - or - the Extended Visit with its optional activities and outings.

We do, however, have relationships with a number of local housing providers where many Rosada dancers will be able to find pleasant accommodations, including:

Cois Dara

An Airbnb, Cois Dara has accommodations for 5 to 9 dancers, and individual pricing ranging from $50 - $150 per night, depending on private or shared rooms and bathrooms.

Cois Dara is owned by dancer Julie Hahn, and "La Valle Rosada" will be gathering here for dinner, discussion and open dancing in the evening on Friday and Sunday nights.

The Blue Door

An Airbnb, The Blue Door has accommodations for 1 to 3 dancers, and pricing $200 - $225 per night for the whole guest house.

The Blue Door is owned by Julie's neighbor Martha Collins, and so is adjacent to Cois Dara.

Artist's Studio Retreat

An Airbnb, Artist's Studio Retreat has accommodations for 1 or 2 dancers (one double bed), and pricing at $100 per night.

Artist's Studio Retreat is located in nearby Meiner's Oaks, and is owned by local artist Christine Brennan. Formerly her primary painting studio, it features a number of her artworks on the walls.

Blue Iguana - and - Emerald Iguana

On the higher end, Blue Iguana - and - Emerald Iguana, two elegant small hotels — one in downtown Ojai, the other on Highway 150 just outside of town.

The Iguanas are owned by dancer Julia Whitman, and are designed by her husband, architect Marc Whitman. Rosada dancers who mention "Tango" and "Preferred Customer" status will get a discount on their accommodations.

More Housing

The Ojai Valley is a popular destination for visitors, tourists and seekers of all kinds, and it offers many other options for local housing, including:

Group Housing

In order to help make "La Valle Rosada" affordable and accessible to the widest possible range of gifted dancers, we have also pre-arranged the possibility of low-cost housing for several women coming as a group from the same community.

If you expect to have 4 or 5 dancers attending the Weekend from your community, please ask us about the possibility of group housing.



Ojai is nestled in a small valley in the coastal mountains of Ventura County.

Adjacent to the Los Padres National Forest on the north, Ojai is 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles, 30 miles east of Santa Barbara, and 15 miles north/uphill from Ventura and the Pacific Ocean.

From any of the peaks surrounding the Valley, on clear days you can see the nearby Channel Islands of Anacapa and Santa Cruz.

Deb at Ojai's Farmer's Market — Sunday morning, February 2017



From north or south, Ojai is readily accessible by car — from both US-101 along the coast, or I-5 inland.

  • From US-101, you would take CA-33 north, up into the Valley from Ventura, then continue on CA-150 into town ... or take CA-150 from Carpinteria, and wind your way east through the pass into Ojai.
  • From I-5, you would take CA-126 west from the Santa Clarita area, then catch the 150 up and over, through Ojai's Upper Valley into its East End ... or continue on 126 to the ocean, Ventura and US-101, then take the 33 uphill.

Ojai on Google Maps

Flying + Ground Transportation

For Ojai, most travelers will fly into Los Angeles International (LAX) or Burbank - Bob Hope Airport (BUR), although Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (SBA) is also close by.

Ventura County Airporter offers regular shuttle service to Ventura from LAX ... and Amtrak trains are available from the Burbank - Bob Hope Station (BUR, adjacent to the airport) into Ventura (VEC, in downtown). Local Metrolink commuter trains also run north from the Burbank Airport, but they use a station in East Ventura which is a little further away from Ojai.

Uber, taxi and local bus service (Gold Coast public transit) are all available for coming up to Ojai from Ventura.

By Train

Amtrak's "Pacific Surfliner" runs from San Diego in the south through Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo in the north on California's Central Coast, and it stops in the downtown Ventura Station (VEC).

Train passengers coming from points east on one Amtrak's other lines would come into Los Angeles Union Station (LAX), then connect to the "Pacific Surfliner" for Ventura.

Cimate + Weather (+ Politics)

Ojai enjoys a classic "hot-summer Mediterranean climate," making Spring one of our most pleasant and temperate times of the year.

In late March and early April, daytime highs approach the low 70s (=21 C), with nighttime temperatures dipping into the low 40s (= 5 C).

Winter can bring heavy rains, but by early Spring these usually begin to taper off. Rainfall averages 3-4 inches in March, and 1-2 inches in April.

Overview on Ojai's weather + climate.

* Another Moment in History

In 1893, back when the town of Ojai was still called "Nordoff," it proved to be in the vanguard of what would later become two national trends:
  • Its Postmaster was the first in the nation to be directly elected by voters — and ...
  • It allowed women to vote in this election — more than 27 years before the 19th Amendment granted universal sufferage to U.S. women.

Ojai's iconic "Post Office Tower" — built in 1917 *

Moonrise over Topa Topa Bluffs — Ojai Valley, November 2016

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